Before & After: A Dingy Kitchen Gets a Breath of Fresh Air!

created at: 05/18/2011

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like a good kitchen makeover.  Especially when the “before” is, well, kinda scary.  Not to worry, though.  It’ll be safe to uncover your eyes in 3, 2, 1…  

created at: 05/18/2011

BAM!  How’s that for an “after”??  Fresh and clean and full of light, just the way a kitchen was meant to be.  This space absolutely sings, don’t you think?  I’ve got to give mad props to the homeowner, Belinda Graham of The Happy Home, for completely turning this space around.  What a difference!

To learn more about this makeover and everything that went into it, check out The Happy Home.  (Belinda has posted before and afters of other rooms in her lovely home as well, FYI!)

Great job, Belinda!