Make It: Affordable DIY Potato Print Art!

created at: 07/06/2011

A home isn’t complete without art on the walls but let’s face it: art can be expensive, not to mention the potential cost of framing said pieces.  If your bare walls are screaming out for a little art lovin’, we’ve got a DIY solution that’ll make a big impact on your space – not your wallet!  

With a budget dedicated to the practical essentials, splurging on original art or custom framing wasn’t really an option for Jordan Ferney, a letterpress printer, party planner, and prolific blogger (Oh Happy Day, anyone?).  She was left craving an affordable solution to her bare wall dilemma when this brilliant DIY project popped into her head: potato print art!

created at: 07/06/2011

Armed with a sack of potatoes, Jordan set about refining the technique that would transform her living space into a bright, cheery abode.  Fortunately, she was kind enough to share the process!  To get started, you’ll need:

  • 5 potatoes
  • acrylic paints in a rainbow of colors
  • paper cups
  • cheap brushes for mixing paints
  • plastic plates for mixing paints
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • large pieces of paper 

Once you’ve got your spuds and supplies, head on over to Oh Happy Day to see how Jordan completed this simple art project.  She also offers up advice and tips for affordable framing (the total cost for the three oversized prints above was less than $35)!

Thanks Jordan!