Roundup: 25 Tabletop Textiles, Placemats, & Tablecloths to Die For!

created at: 08/17/2011

From modern tea towels to tassels to tie dye, we’ve shared some of our favorite kitchen textiles and related DIY projects.  Now it’s time to take that passion to the dining table with a roundup of some of the most colorful and unique table linens out there!   


created at: 08/17/2011

1. Räsymatto Napkins by Marimekko

2. Apples and Pears Table Runner by Lizalew Design

3. Numbers Runner from CB2

4. Mina Tablecloth from Anthropologie

5. Grid Placemat by Modern Twist

created at: 08/17/2011

6. Dot Punch Placemat by Liora Manné

7. Wood Planks Placemat by Paper Cloud

8. Zig Zag Placemats by Pehr Sullivan

9. Charlie Table Runner by Olli & Lime

10. Cork Placemats from Ferm Living

created at: 08/17/2011

11. Drop Napkins from Crate&Barrel

12. Birds Doing Bird Things Placemat by Squirrell

13. Vintage Colored Tape Placemat by Traube47

14. Rag Rug Placemat from Anthropologie

15. Reed Napkins from Unison

created at: 08/17/2011

16. Bowls Table Runner by Mrs. Eliot Books

17. Grow My Dear Table Runner by Sretan BOR

18. Multi Colored Napkins from Crate&Barrel

19. Berry Delight Tablecloth from House8810

20. Family Tablecloth by Isak

created at: 08/17/2011

21. Abstract Lunch Napkin by KEROZEN

22. Aïe Aïe Aïe Napkin by KEROZEN

23. Triangularity Placemat by Nicolaclare

24. Larch Tablecloth from Unison

25. Herring Tablecloth from Almedahls

We’ve only just scratched the surface, so now it’s your turn!  Share some of your favorite sources for beautiful table linens or accessories in the comments.  Have an idea for DIYing your own version of some of these textiles?  Let’s hear it!