Make It: A Scandinavian-Inspired DIY Wall Hanging!

created at: 08/18/2011

My love for all things Scandinavian knows no bounds.  It’s such a clean, warm, and modern aesthetic… with a touch of rustic charm thrown in for good measure.  How could you not like it, right?  If you’ve found yourself enamored with this style as well, here’s a super simple DIY project that’s sure to be right up your alley!  


This charming DIY wall hanging tutorial comes to us from Swedish blogger Anna-Malin Lindgren as part of her monthly series for Decor8.  All you need to create your own custom wall hanging is the following:

  • a piece of linen in the size you want your hanging to be
  • scrap linen for creating decals
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • glue
  • grommets (optional)

Anna-Malin uses three (gorgeous) shades of grey for her hanging, but don’t be afraid to go big and bold with brighter colors if it suits you (or your decor) better.  Once you’ve gathered your supplies and settled on a color scheme, head on over to Decor8 for the full tutorial!