How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden

Herb Garden Before

Even though summer is on the wane, that doesn’t mean we still can’t plant an herb garden. Like this one! So colorful and lively it will keep summer in your heart all autumn and winter long. I also like how it serves as a window treatment as well. Check it out:       

Herb garden after 2

Wanna make one? This is what’cha need:

  • tin containers with plastic lids (like coffee cans)
  • coat hangers
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • herbs
  • masking tape
  • coffee filters (genius!)
  • a nail
  • a hammer
  • an X-acto
  • fabric or paper scraps
  • glue or spray adhesive

For the entire tute, saunter on over to Persephone Magazine.