How To: Make a Natural Moss Wreath From Dollar Store Finds!

created at: 09/27/2011

This oversized moss wreath sure is a doozy, don’t you think?  It’ll blow your mind even more when you find out what the $1 wreath form is made out of… Care to wager a guess?  


Karen Bertelsen, whose many budget-friendly projects we’ve featured in the past (globe feeders, fire pits, and hanging lanterns–oh my!), recently took on the challenge to create a stunning nature-inspired wreath solely from dollar store finds.  The real kicker is the oversized wreath form she made herself… wait for it… from a $1 pool noodle.  Try finding a wreath that size for that price at your local craft store.  Go on!  I dare you.

Once the amazement at Karen’s ingenuity subsides (okay, well, it never really does–that woman is always inspiring), head on over to The Art of Doing Stuff to learn how to make your own pool noodle-turned-mossy wonder!