Booze, Not Boos: 8 Pumpkin Cocktails with a Punch

It’s pumpkin season. But instead of carving the buggers, how about drinking them? These boozy recipes would be perfect to serve at any fall gathering but especially at Halloweentime and Thanksgiving. 

We’ll start with the very fun and festive Pumpkin Margarita.

Or how about a Pumpkin Martini? You can find the recipe at Mermaids of the Lake.

Here’s one Don Draper would love (but what drink doesn’t Don love?): a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned. It starts with Harvest Syrup, which National Post tells us how to concoct as well. 

If you’d rather have your pumpkin warm, Pumpkin Irish Coffee is the way to go. This one starts with a pumpkin spice syrup, which is also explained. 

Super easy is the Pumpkin Pie. It’s a combo of cocunut rum, kahlua, milk and pumpkin pie filling.

Malibu rum is a popular choice for the Pumpkin Pie, but any coconut rum can be used.

Here’s a spicy alternative. The Pumpkin Caipirina

Pumpkin Caipirini

Here’s another easy one that would be perfect for sipping while kicking back watching The Great Pumpkin. It’s the Mexican Pumpkin Patch. (After one of these, who cares if The Great Pumpkin makes his visit?)


And, finally, for all those Mad Scientists out there, here’s instructions from Epicurus to make Pumpkin Spice Liqueur. They tell us it starts out looking like swamp water, but the results are anything but.