A Blast From The Past Craft: Pomanders

Remember pomanders? You might have made one when you were ten years old or so, sticking an orange full of whole cloves. It was a tedious project for a kid. After I re-did my front closet a while back, I started thinking about these fragrant balls, as I wanted to add one as a cherry on the top of my make over. So, I took a trip to my grocery store and bought the necessary equipment. Here’s a refresher too-easy-for-a-how-to how-to just in case you answered ‘no’ earlier.

Pomander Procedure

Instead of an orange, I opted to use a small lime. Tinier citrus fruits such as limes, cumquats and clementines will take less cloves–therefore less time to stud the thing–and less time for the fruit to dry out.

I drew a length a string, via a darning needing, through my lime as a means to hang it in my closet later.

Then, using the darning needle to pierce the shell of my lime, I shoved cloves in the ensuing holes.

Yes, it still is a rather tedious, not to mention juicy, project, but it smells great while you’re doing it.

After you’re done loading up your fruit, you may want to dredge it in cinnamon–or other appropriate spice of your choice–to give it a little extra fragrant kick.

Next, loosely wrap your pomander in tissue paper or paper towel and set it in a cool, dry place.

Then, wait, and wait, and wait for the fruit to dry out. My little lime took about 6 to 8 weeks.

When it’s time to unveil your gnarly knob, put a couple of knots at the ends of the string.

You’ll probably want to wrap the pomander in a piece of muslin or linen to keep your spice bits from sifting all over the place. Then add a pretty bow, and voila, a competed blast from the past craft.

Pests and Must and Stuff

Having one of these little buggers hanging in your closet will help repel moths and such from taking up residence in your stored winter clothes. If pests aren’t an issue, the pomander will help keep your clothes from picking up that musty smell over the summer months ahead. And finally, if you make one of these now, it’ll be ready to give to your mom or mom-equivalent for Mother’s Day, which just might bring a tear to her eye remembering those kid gifts you made her years ago.