DIY String-Wrapped Lamp: The Easiest Lighting Makeover Project Ever!

created at: 11/29/2011

It’s no secret, we love a good DIY lighting project here at Curbly.  Whether that’s building your own from scratch or simply giving that old shade a makeover, we love lamps.  This particular project, though, is hands down the easiest one we’ve ever seen!  If you can tie a knot, you can make this (feathers optional).   


This string-wrapped lamp idea comes from Honest to Nod.  They offer up a tutorial if you want to check it out, but basically all you do is wrap embroidery thread around a lamp shade and tie a knot.  You can customize it by using various colors of string or by embellishing your shade with feathers, beads, or whatever your heart desires.  Easy, right?  I told you!

So, Curbliers, let’s get to the real meat of this: to embellish or not to embellish?  What would you put on your string-wrapped lamp, if anything?  I’m partial to a just-string look, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!