From Humble to Grand: Magical Places in Snow

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Have you ever noticed that snow is a great equalizer? Covered in a fresh, frosty blanket of white, the most humble structure can be as breathtaking as the most majestic. Here’s a collection of photos that recently caught my eye that seem to illustrate my point. 

The blue home above and the one pictured below were spotted on Pinterest’s “Magical Abodes” page. They may be worlds away in locale and square footage, but they’re equally beautiful in their own way. 

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This photo makes me think all cabins should be red.

The cabin in the snow

Churches–especially county ones–are the picture of tranquillity when draped with snow.

CHRISTMAS EVE - Country Christmas, Stark, New Hampshire - kruhme @ flickr

Fit for a Christmas card is this gorgeous home

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It might be an unfair comparison, but no list such as this would be complete without a mention of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria