Make It: A Minimal and Modern DIY Wall Clock!

created at: 12/08/2011

I love everything about this clock.  Everything.  It appeals to my inner minimalist in ways I can’t describe!  It’s also one of the easiest DIY projects ever created–and that’s not just hyperbole, folks!  It really is.  The trick is in the clock face: can you guess what it’s made from?   


Did you figure it out?  If you guessed that this wood beauty is made from a round serving tray, you’re correct!  Here’s a lollipop.  One thing I love about this fact is that there is a huge, huge, huge variety of stylish laminated birch trays available, so making an awesome wall clock that fits your personality is easy!  You only need two other items to complete this DIY: a clock mechanism (available from any hobby store) and a drill.

You can probably figure it out from here, but if you’d like to check out the tutorial over on Scandinavian Deko, do it!