How To: Make DIY Star Wars Snowflakes–Free Printables!

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes (FREE!)

This one goes out to all my Star Wars-obsessed friends and family–you know who you are.  I’m going out on a limb here and guessing you’ve got a few in your life, too?  Just call it a hunch.  Impress them this holiday season (or embrace your own Star Wars geekdom) with these hand-cut snowflakes!   


Chaunce Dolan from Matters of Grey created four unique Star Wars snowflake designs and, to help spread the geeky love, is offering printable PDF diagrams of each!  All you need is a printer, a good pair of scissors, and an xacto knife for some of the smaller details.  When you’re ready to start folding ‘n’ cutting, hit up Matters of Grey!

Have you spied any other Star Wars-themed holiday projects?  Share your faves in the comments!