Countertops with Personality


If you read my blog post (and resulting comments from my fellow Curbliers) about granite countertops, you’ve discovered several reasons why a lot of people hate them. High on the list were coldness, chipping and its ‘busy pattern.’ I’m going to throw out another reason not to like it: It’s not FUN. What would constitute a fun countertop? How about these very retro solid surface specimens:

 Pictured above, with close-up below, is Formica’s Citron Ice. It reminds me of something my grandmother would have had in her 50’s kitchen. 

I’m loving Formica’s Deep Blue Ice for the same reasons:

For something at oozes personality, it doesn’t get much better than Formica’s All That Jazz.

Heavy hitter of the solid surface world, Corian, offers up these sweet colors:

Arctic Mint

Arctic Strawberry

Corian and Formica might be the most well-known in the solid surface world, but there are plenty other out there including Avonite, Corinthian, Wilsonart and Swanstone, to name just a few.  Although each offer a HUGE variety of colors including these very fun and retro samples, I’m wondering why its virtually impossible to find photos of them in situ. There MUST be a kitchen out there with an All That Jazz countertop, no? If not, how sad. 🙁