Eye Candy: 7 Tiny Bedrooms with BIG Style

 created at: 02/07/2012

This just in: Size really doesn’t matter in the bedroom department. What does matter is style! And these teeny-tiny boudoirs are loaded with it.

First up is designer Jen Chu‘s bedroom. She not only did she fit a large 4-poster bed and a glittery chandelier in her diminutive bedroom but a home office as well. You can see more pics of Jen’s bedroom, click here.

Tiny doesn’t have to mean uninviting. Take for example this cottage-y bedroom. That bed is begging to be tumbled into. And those windows…sigh.

created at: 02/07/2012

This next bedroom might look large, but at 9′ x 9′ it’s rather tiny. The fresh combo of white and turquoise opens it up and the large rug–besides anchoring the bed–commands attention. 

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 If you thought 9′ x 9′ was small, check out this room. More of an alcove, it measures a teeny 6′ x 6′! That didn’t stop Kevin and Layla, however, as they turned it into a guest room. 

Here’s another alcove-sized bedroom. Note the use of the fabric on the ceiling that acts as a canopy without the four-poster part. Clever.

Color is used as a headboard in this tiny bedroom. That wall actually invites us in, no?

The last one is actually located in the hotel High Road House. I’m loving the built-in side tables, which is a great idea to incorporate in a tiny bedroom.

created at: 02/07/2012