Eye Candy: Lamps in the Kitchen

created at: 02/17/2012

Last weekend my honey and I were rethinking the placement of our kitchen table. We turned it 180 degrees with one short end of its rectangular top very close to a wall. Seeing it there, I had a thought: Lamp. I ran and scrounged up a little ‘save for later’ lamp I had tucked in our guest room closet. I put in it very low-watt CFL and set the lamp in the center of the table. As soon as I flicked the switch, my boo and I grinned. It looked great. We particularly love the more lived-in glow it gives the kitchen. Immediately, I began wondering if we were the only ones with a lamp in our kitchen. I foresaw a trip to the Google in my future.

Honestly, I didn’t find a lot of examples, but these five are all we need. The first picture (above) comes from photo stylist¬†Annette Joseph. In her discussion with chef Craig Kettles, Craig suggests that “For a warmer kitchen, [we] include non-kitchen elements.” His examples include art, furniture, rugs and, of course, lamps.

From black to white, here’s another lamps-on-the-island idea:

And another from House Beautiful. Note how skipping the second lamp makes the look more informal.

Don’t have a big honkin’ island on which to set a big honkin’ lamp? No worries. This so-sweet example comes to us from The Kitchn. Using a mirror behind the lamp actually multiplies the light and the mood.

Of course, if you want to use a lamp in the kitchen, you’re going to need an outlet nearby. That means, like the picture above, you’ll need to move your table closer to a wall. Or DO you??? Debbie added a floor lamp to the eating nook off her eclectic kitchen for added light and interest.

created at: 02/17/2012

So, have any of these pictures made you itch for a switch in your kitchen too?