How To Make the Max of Your Mini Kitchen

created at: 04/09/2012

Just because you have a petite kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have big culinary skills. Take for example Deb from The Smitten Kitchen. She’s done some impressive cooking/baking in her 80 square foot NYC apartment’s kitchen. To put her space in perspective, her oven is 3/4 size and she only has six cabinets and one built-in counter top. Her limited space doesn’t hold her back, however. She once baked a wedding cake in her little kitchen and mini oven. (Click here to see it; it was gorgeous.) So how does Deb do all this culinary magic in such a small space? Here are her tips that get it done:

  1. Get an island or custom-built extra counter
  2. Don’t actually keep anything on [the counters]
  3. You probably don’t need half the things in your kitchen (figure out what that is and get rid of it)
  4. Learn to cook neatly (like a line cook)
  5. It can totally be done (with a little extra planning, a tiny kitchen doesn’t have to hold you back)

For a detailed explanations of Deb’s tips, visit The Smitten Kitchen. On the forthcoming page you’ll also find Deb’s list of five items that have also helped her max out her tiny kitchen.