Roundup: 10 DIY Wall Art Mounting and Hanging Ideas

created at: 05/22/2012

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know when I say frames can be expensive. They're oftentimes more expensive than the stuff we put in them, which doesn't seem fair as it's the art that's the main course, and the frame is just the pretty table setting. Yeah, it can make the meal more appetizing, but still. Wait…are we still talking about frames here? Yes and no because most of these fabulous mounting and hanging ideas don't even involve them. So, on to the roundup!

This first one is actually my own project using supplies courtesy of Dow Chemical, in which I mounted 12″ square scrapbook paper to styrofoam tiles. Make sure you check the comments of the post, however, as people are using some very clever alternatives to create the same effect. 

 Paper 'n Stitch shows us how to turn covers of old books into frames. Very vintage-y.

In this idea, a traditional frame gets some fresh personality with ribbon. Love the unexpected pop of color.

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but I'm guessing it's an old wire mattress support, probably of 'crib' size. Any other guesses? 

Creative ways to display photos

Last week I posted a roundup of DIY Photography Wall Art Projects. One of them included an idea using pant hangers as a means of display. I'm partial to the look so I never considered using regular old wood hangers, but it might be a way to go too. (Make sure you click on this link for MORE mounting and hanging ideas as there is more overlap between this post and that one.)

Another humble item used as a frame by some are simple wood clip boards. I like the addition of fabric behind the portraits in this image from lifeflix.

created at: 05/22/2012

 We've seen old shutters used to display holiday cards and mail, but they work just as well for displaying photos. shutters-for-photos-renaemooreblogspot

Remember this jar/bottle idea from Photojojo? Still a favorite. 

One of my doctors has a couple textiles hanging in his office. I love them. Their highly patterned, bold colors brighten up pale spaces instantly. If you'd like to see how to mount such things, check out this article at Mara Mallett. 

 Wall hangings

I've saved the most unique mounting technique for last. Okay, so TAPE isn't so unique, but Sarah of Harts Desire Creations decided to give it a decorative twist by adding fabric to it. Then she just used a couple of pieces to fix her art right on the walls. I kinda like the deconstructed effect.