Roundup: 10 Favorite IKEA Lamp Makeovers and Hacks

created at: 09/24/2012

What do salad bowls, bed frames, and shelf brackets have in common? They’ve all been turned into stylish, DIY lamps! Oh, and they’re all readily available from IKEA. Here are ten of our favorite IKEA lighting hacks — enjoy!     


created at: 09/24/2012

1. DIY Spider Lamp

2. DIY Tripod Desk Lamp

3. DIY Custom Printed Fillsta Pendant Lamp

4. DIY Adjustable Fruit Bowl Lamp

created at: 09/24/2012

created at: 09/24/2012

5. DIY Expandable Industrial-Style Sconce

6. DIY Wire Pendant Lamp

7. DIY Modern Chandelier

8. DIY Ombre Table Lamp

created at: 09/24/2012

9. DIY Modern-Minimalist Wall Sconce

10. DIY Pendant Lamp Cozies

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