Roundup: 25+ Creative DIY Holiday Wreaths

created at: 11/27/2012

Christmas is right around the corner which, depending on your degree of seasonal decorating, means it’s time to put up a holiday wreath! Ring in the season and add some cheer to your entryway with one of these creative (and oh-so-festive) DIY wreaths!     

1. White Yarn Christmas Wreath

2. Holiday Light Wreath

3. Ornament Wreath

4. Candy Cane Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

5. Jingle Bells Wreath

6. Gift Box Wreath

7. Wooden Snowflake Wreath

8. Metallic Bow Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

9. Fragrant Fruit Wreath

10. Succulent Wreath

11. Bundled Greenery Wreath

12. Lotus Pod Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

13. Whimsical Paper Wreath

14. Paper Snowflake Wreath

15. Blue and White Wreath

16. Wine Cork Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

17. Starburst Twig Wreath

18. Twigs Wreath

19. Grass Wreath

20. Wood Flower Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

21. Cushion Moss Wreath

22. Pinecone Wreath

23. Frozen Holly Branch Wreath

24. Eucalyptus Leaf Wreath

created at: 11/27/2012

25. Christmas Wishes Wreath

26. Paper Leaf Wreath

27. Recycled Paper Leaf Wreath

28. Paper Book Page Wreath

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