The Curbly House: Where Are They Now?

Curbly House status update!
The Curbly House has been on a blogging hiatus, because, well… we had a baby and moved into an “under construction” house two weeks later. Then, we proceeded to lose our minds.

But as the baby grew bigger and we finally started being able to distinguish between night and day, things started to happen around the house. So here’s a long-overdue update on where things stand with the Curbly House, and what’s coming up next. Here we go!

Before I get ahead of myself let me just tell you that the only room that feels really done in the house is our daughter Ayla’s bedroom. You’ll see a couple photographs below, and we’ll do a reveal in the coming weeks. Our baby’s nursery is 80% complete, but he’s moving into a new bedroom this weekend as we prepare for phase two (a brand new addition) to begin next week.

Ayla's room, before

Ayla's room during

Girl's bedroom

Ayla's reading nook


Phase Two will bring a fully functional kitchen, complete with an actual means to cook food. Hallelujah. It will also include a small half-bath and mud room. I just high-fived myself when I wrote that last sentence because we’ve been living with this for 6+ months… 

Floor plan, addition

Wow! Notice the inclusion of a real and functioning kitchen! Here’s the second floor:

Second floor plans

And here’s a nice rendering of what the back of the house will look like (eight years from now, when we’ve saved up enough money to re-paint it):

Rendering of the rear of the addition

Phase Two will also turn our very disorganized storage room into a master bedroom and bathroom. Warning, the following picture is only being posted because we’re good friends and I know you won’t judge us…

Junk room

Before you sit back and embark on the rest of our mini tour, please note that many of the pictures were taken in early October when we had the house as clean as it has ever been for a baby shower we hosted. Nearly nothing has changed since then in, with the exception of a few pictures being hung. 

Hanging pictures in the stairwell.

Here’s the sunroom on the day after we closed on the house:

Sunroom, before

And here it is when we moved in:

Sunroom, fall

Much better, but the windows still needed lots of help:

Sunroom windows...rotted

Fortunately, we hooked up with Andersen Windows to replace (and improve) them (more on that project soon):

Replacing the sunroom windows

Here’s a shot I snapped on my phone the day we walked through the house for a showing. This is the living room, looking south:

Living room, looking south

Here’s that same angle now (we’ve since painted the fireplace too, more pics later!):

Living room.

Hello, dining room. We barely knew ye:

The dining room


Dining room

Finally, in November we had one of the huge oaks in the back yard taken out (to make room for the addition). It was tragic, trust me (I’m pretty sure Bruno shed tears). No one likes to cut down a beautiful 107-year-old tree (we counted), but it was just too close to the house, and had to go.

Tree removal

We also tore off that junky back porch/deck thing that gave me the creeps every time I stepped foot on it:

Deck demolition.

We’re now days away from breaking ground on the addition; the permit’s in the window, just waiting for the weather to turn a little warmer.

We have so much planned, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger on anything (artwork, furniture, rugs, paint treatments, etc.) because we want to have the addition underway to have a sense of how the new digs feel.

This week I’m working on truly finishing up the bathroom (i.e. finally painting the  bathroom door that we’ve so far carefully kept out of photos). I’ll be hanging the mirror, adding some artwork, and doing a few other finishing touches. I hope to show you the full bathroom reveal next week.

How are your big remodeling projects going? Let me know in the comments, I need a little inspiration!