12 Stylish and Easy DIY Birdhouses and Feeders

With spring in full force (and summer only a month away — YAY!), it seems like every bird in the neighborhood is out and about and enjoying the sunshine. Give them something more to chirp about with one of these easy DIY birdhouses or feeders!     


1. DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

2. DIY Hanging Frame Bird Feeder

3. DIY Modern Bird Feeder

4. DIY Bird Seed Hanging Feeder

5. DIY Painted Gourd Birdhouse

6. DIY Re-Purposed Dinnerware Bird Feeder

7. Simple DIY Wood Birdhouse

8. DIY Modern Birdhouse

9. DIY Modern Globe Birdhouse or Feeder

10. DIY Wood Scrap Bird Feeder

11. DIY Mid-Century Modern Birdhouse

12. DIY Upcycled Bottle Bird Feeder