Roundup: 10 Gourmet Campfire Cooking Recipes

Your taste buds don’t have to suffer just because modern conveniences aren’t available in the woods… you’ll want to go camping every weekend after you try some of these amazing recipes!   


1. Stay healthy by packing a salad in a jar. Find out how to make one here. [Photo: Redbook]

2. Tilapia piccata with snap peas wrapped in foil is an easy (and delicious) dinner. Click here for the recipe. [Photo: Carolyn’s Recipe Box]

3. Banana boats are a clever and easy dessert idea. Here’s the recipe. [Photo: Examiner]

4. These vanilla orange cakes are cooked right inside hollowed-out oranges. Find out how to do it here. [Photo: Rodelle Kitchen]

5. This seafood jambalaya recipe isn’t for the faint of heart, but boy does it sound delicious. Check out the recipe here. [Photo: Scouting Magazine

6. Replace graham crackers with gingersnap cookies to make these amazing gingersnap s’mores. [Photo: Chubby Vegetarian]

7. Pancetta wrapped asparagus. Enough said. Find the instructions here. [Photo: Guardian]

8. Quesadillas would make a great campfire dinner too. Here’s the recipe. [Photo: Dirty Gourmet]

9. Strawberry shortcake in the woods? Love it! Find out how to make it here. [Photo: Chow]

10. Zucchini wrapped salmon skewers are easy and delicious! Here’s the recipe. [Photo: Outdoor Hub]