How to: Easy & Elegant DIY Wood Veneer Box

Everyone loves to receive gifts, but I like giving them just as much. And by making a  reusable box to place items in, you can make the giving experience that much more beautiful. This wood veneer gift box is easy to make, and your recipient will be able to continue to use it. Or, just whip up several of these for your own personal storage. They look amazing on a desk or shelf, and are a great way to store craft and office supplies!   




Step 1: Sandwich two wooden discs together with hot glue. Repeat with the other two discs.

Step 2: Place a small line of hot glue on the side of the discs and attach to the inside of the wood veneer at the straight end.

Step 3: Keep rolling the discs onto the paper and attaching with hot glue until you have a 3″ opening left. This will create the flap that will fold over the front.

Step 4: Attach the round wooden ball to the flap with a small dollop of hot glue.

Step 5: Using the hole punch, punch a small hole at each side of the flap.

Step 6: Tie a small knot on the inside of one hole and trim the excess cord away.

Step 7: Wrap the remaining cord around the box and place over the wooden ball. You want it to close tightly, but leave enough slack so that the cord can be removed with ease. Once you have the amount desired, tie a small knot on the inside of the other hole to keep the cord attached. 

Step 8: Now that the cord is properly attached, wrap it around the box and just over the wooden ball. You’re done!

To add a little color, stamp a fun design or add some washi tape before you glue the box together!

Fill the box with all kind of goodies and gifts. Attach a small tag and give to a friend! If they’re a true friend, they’ll admire the box and not what’s inside.