Roundup: 10 DIY Soup Can Craft Projects

Mason jars? Check. Tuna cans? Check. Soup cans . . . here ya go. Ten to get us started. All super easy, and, no, they’re not all pencil holders.

Soup can luminary tutorials are plentiful, but Salt Tree’s free printable patterns make them some of the prettiest  out there.

Skimbaco uses the paper method to make a pencil holder/vase, wisely, with an old map.

The Long Thread uses fabric, and beautifully so. Template and PDF tutorial included.

So much cuter than the old popsicle stick method, this colored pencil colored pencil holder is rather delightful. (Okay, and a little wasteful, but the Dollar Store should have cheap pencils that won’t break the bank.)

Some half-marbles and coordinating paint makes for a little bling-y storage. 

And speaking of storage, this craft organizer is made with soup cans, magnets, and a cookie sheet. To make the cans safe for little hands, BE SURE to use a clean-edge can opener.

Crush a perfectly good soup can and suddenly it has tons of character. Throw on some primer and paint and you’ve got yourself some fresh planters. (These could be great for amaryllis at Christmastime painted in Christmasy colors, of course.)

Brilliant, that’s what this tutorial from Instructabler Grathio is: Soup can turned cookie cutter. Perfect for cherry blossoms or St. Patrick’s day 4-leaf clovers.

Something called a Crop-a-Dile was used to make the holes in this tin can cum ribbon holder/dispenser. I’m thinking a drill would work just fine too. If going that route, I might want to fill the can with water first and stick it in the freezer overnight, just so the drill doesn’t do unnecessary denting. As far as the resulting holes go, grommets were installed into them to take care of the sharp edges. 

And, finally, something for summertime, an outdoor drink holder. This one was made out of a Progressive Soup can, punchy fabric and Modge Podge, among a few other things.