Roundup: 10 of Our Favorite DIY Tabletop and Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

We’re big fans of the ol’ alternative Christmas tree around here, including the tabletop variety (it’s perfect for small spaces!), so we’ve rounded up our favorite DIY tree projects from the Curbly archives. Check ’em out and let us know which project is your fave!       

1. Fun and Festive DIY Space-Saving Christmas Tree

2. Easy DIY Tabletop Christmas Trees

3. DIY Modern Wooden Christmas Tree Set

4. DIY Modern Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree

5. Modern DIY Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

6. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Display Shelf

7. DIY Custom Holiday Wall Art with Removable Decals

8. Contemporary, Glittery Holiday Tree Centerpiece

9. DIY Stylish Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile

10. DIY Folded Paper (Kirigami) Christmas Trees

Have you tried any of these DIY trees? How did it go?

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