Know Your Bugs.

I can't bear to turn on the AC yet, despite the 90-degree afternoons, so often, our doors are wide open to elements. And with the breezes comes the bugs, and lately we've been visited by some decidely complex looking creatures that my Biology-teacher mother didn't teach me as a kid.

Enter WHAT'S THAT BUG.COM, a charming database dedicated to, you guessed it, all your entymological inquiries, and some beautifully photographed from the insect world.

The Fiddler Beetle.

The site includes a growing section of “Bug Info” which runs along the left column, which serves as a reference to better know your neighborhood arthropods. It also offers an email service that allows users to contact the experts directly, a Bug-Of-The-Month, and a section labeled “Carnage” which features, as you might expect, dead bugs.

The Hickory-Horned Devil.