10 Alternative (and Cheap) Ways to Hang Photos and Art

10 alternative ways to hang art, without using frames.

Frames are expensive. Especially if you're buying a lot of them. But there are so many great alternative ways to display artwork and photographs. Here are ten of my favorite affordable ideas.  


Use boards and binder clips to hang artwork on the wall.

1. Create a gallery wall of clipboards to hang paintings or photos. These are particularly convenient because you can easily swap out the artwork. [Photo: DIY On The Cheap]

2. Sandwich your artwork between two pieces of glass or acrylic and secure with binder clips. Easy! [Photo: Chez Larsson]

Alternative ways to hang art and photos.

3. “Frame” your art with washi tape! Again, this is a very forgiving material… you can easily remove it from the wall if you want to change things up. [Photo: Via At Home In Love]

4. You could also hang artwork clothesline style, with twine and clothespins. Cheap and simple! [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

5. If you don't mind tiny holes in the corners of your photos, hang them anywhere using this technique. [Photo: Envers Du Decor]

Hang art using vintage clothing hangers.

6. Vintage pant hangers are a great way to hang photos too. [Photo: Via Curbly]

7. You could take it a step further by making one of these wooden structures to mount the hangers on. [Photo: 2 Modern Blog

Hang photos and art without frames.

8. Instead of hanging clothespins on a piece of string as suggested earlier, mount them on a long piece of wood. [Photo: Via It's The Life]

9. I love the organic feel of this one… gather some driftwood the next time you're at the beach and make one of these pretty hanging creations for your photos. [Photo: Morning Creativity

10. Push pins are always a good option too… try making them glittery to add some sparkle! Here's the tutorial. [Photo: Merry Brides]