Roundup: 11 Do-It-Yourself Wall Art Projects For Under $50

Walls were made to be covered with art. But we don’t all have an endless budget for those walls. Here are eleven ways to create the art you love while keeping the dollars in your wallet.      


fabric wall DIY

Attach fabric to the wall with liquid starch! 

watercolor wall art

Use watercolor to create a pixelized version of your favorite photograph! 

wall art from office supplies

Use office supplies to create this unique art! 

silver foil geometric wall

This silver foil wall cost about $10 to make! 

3D wall art

Use wood circles to create this 3D wall art! 

goldleaf wall art

Take a little goldleaf and cover a map or another piece of art that you love!

 fabric wall art

Hang fabric you love over foam boards to create a mini installation! 

plywood wall art

Plywood gets a gorgeous and retro facelift with a little stain and paint! 

paper patchwork wall art

Make this geometric patchwork piece with paper! 

DIY string art

No roundup is complete without this string art! $35, my friends! 

sequin wall art

Sequins steal the show with this easy frame makeover!