Eye Candy: 11 Incredible Laundry Rooms

Photo: Kriste Michelini

Right now, our laundry room is in a dark, unfinished corner of our basement but we have plans to *someday* turn it into a room that doesn't give us the creeps. Until then, I'll just keep collecting inspiration! If you're in a similar boat, take a peek at these gorgeous laundry rooms.     


Photo: Kathryn O'Donovan
Photo: BHG
Photo: Leicht Westchester

1. Kriste Michelini 2. Kathryn O'Donovan 3. Better Homes & Gardens 4. Leicht Westchester

Photo: Hardenburg Designs
Photo: BHG
Photo: HabitusLiving
Photo: Steel Canvas Basket Corp.

5. Hardenburg Designs 6. Better Homes & Gardens 7. HabitusLiving 8. Steel Canvas Basket Corp

Photo: Designing Dinging and Diapers
Photo: Hayburn
Photo: HGTV

9. Designing Dining and Diapers 10. Hayburn 11. HGTV

Let us know what must-have features your dream laundry room would have in the comments below!