10 Stunning Floral Arrangements Made With Supermarket Flowers

10 Stunning Floral Arrangements You Can Make At Home

It’s no secret that fresh flowers can brighten anyone’s day. A custom arrangement is even better! Save those dollar bills and delve into your creative side with inspiration from one of these 10 DIY bouquets and arrangements made from flowers straight from the grocery store! 



1. I love seeing the before and after with this grocery store bouquet! See it on Earnest Home Co. 

2. A little tape is the trick with this arrangement of budget blooms! See it on The Happier Homemaker 

3. Monochromatic is the trick here! See it on Apartment Therapy 

4. Six bouquets six ways! A total treasure trove of inspo! See it on Huffington Post 

5. I love seeing the step-by-step breakdown of this gorgeous transformation! See it on The Kitchn.

6. A short vase is a great help when arranging a few runt stems! See it on Mighty Girl 

7. Those hydrangeas make my heart swoon! See it on Song of Style 

8. Give me flowers in a tote anyday. See it on A Cup of Jo

9. OH yeah. These are from the grocery store. See it on A Practical Wedding

10. The vase can make or break your masterpiece! This one is tops. See it on Handmade Mood 


10 Stunning Floral Arrangements You Can Make At Home


This is barely scratching the surface! What are some of your favorite flowers?! Do you think you would try your hand at floral arranging?