How To Get Your Yard Ready This Spring

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: Good House Keeping

Have you looked outside lately and seen your neighbors getting their yards ready and wondered what you should be doing? The spring is good time for a yard clean up and its needed to accomplish a beautiful yard. Here are some easy steps to help you.   


How to Get your yard ready this spring

1. Know your area’s weather.

Three weeks ago it was 80 degrees and I was ready to get out there and do some yard work. My husband slowed down my gusto by simply stating that it was too early and we probably would get another frost. Sure enough this was my yard when we woke up Easter morning. Yard work can be hard work so make sure you don’t have to work I would’ve had to… and know the time when the weather in your area is usually past the final frost.


2.Dethatch Your Grass.

When your grass is dry, rake out the dead grass leftover from winter. This helps your lawn stay healthy by removing debris and dead grass that promotes disease and pests. It helps to cut your lawn short before you do this. Check out this “how to” video from This Old House

We like this electric dethatcher, $115 on Amazon.

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: DIY Network

3. Kills weeds in your lawn and flower beds. 

Be careful of your pets and kids when you lay down weed killer that could be harmful to them. One quick tip is to choose a weed killer that does not kill grass. This will cut your wait time down to do the next steps, but no matter what, follow the instructions on the weed killer bottle. Family Handyman has great advice on weeding your yard.

4. Aerate your lawn.

This gives your lawn some breathing room for nutrients. The winter weather can tend to pack down your lawn so aerating allows seed and nutrients to penetrate the soil. If you have a small lawn you can do it manualy but for larger lawns you can easily rent an araetor for an afternoon. This article from HGTV can help you understand what tools you need.

We like these aerator sandals, $24.99 on Amazon.

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: DIY Network

5. Test your soil and fertilize accordingly.

If you want a “sweet” lawn like your neighbors you need to test your soil and add the nutrients that your soil needs. Try to avoid doing this right before a heavy rain because it can wash everything out and reverse your hard work. Lowes gives a step by step “how to” on testing your soil here.

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source: DIY Network

6. Overseed your lawn and water it well.

Overseeding will fill in patches and give you that thick lawn look. Aprils showers will hopefully help out with watering. Important tip: Overseeding is different than seeding a new lawn. Seeding a new lawn should be done in the fall.

7. Prune your perrenials and shrubs that are starting to bloom and grow.

Good House Keeping has a great guide on when and how to prune.

8. Mulch your beds to help you retain moisture when you water all spring and summer.

9. Plant annuals or season appropriate plants. 

It really is best to do the bulk of your landscape planting in the fall, but there are plenty of plants you can plant in early spring. Don’t wait too long. Planting in the hot summer will make it harder for the plant to take root. You will have to water much more than you will in the cooler spring temperatures. This article from Better Homes and Garden gives great advice on what plants can be planted in the spring. Its always good to do your research on what is good to plant and where so take your time and ask good questions at the plant nursery.

How to Get your yard ready this spring
Source Glitter Guide; Home of Alexis Andra

10. Work on those hardscapes.

Spring weather isn’t too hot yet and if you can find some time in between rains, getting those hardscapes ready to use in the summer weather can be a fun project in the spring.

How to Get your yard ready this spring
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Its fun to be outside as the weather gets warm so have fun and get those yards ready. Are you still putting your snow boots on? While you wait for your warm weather to start your spring with indoor plants.