DIYable Egg Planters?

These sweet little Eggling Plants from Wrapables caught my eye recently. They come with packets of seeds ready for sowing, a ‘fortified peat mixture’ and little terra cotta trays in which to nestle. They’re 1.75″ by 2″, the size of an extra large chicken egg, and are sold in sets of three for herb and flower collections ($29.95) and singly for the cactus offering ($9.95). Sure, these eggs are made of ceramic, which means they’re durable, BUT to save the 30 bucks, how about using REAL eggs as planters?

I’d gently score the pointy end of an extra large egg with a serrated blade and then use the knife’s point to–again–gently punch out a hole. (Maybe even punch a small drainage hole in the bottom with a pin.) I’d then drain the egg, rinse it out and plant away. This, of course, would be the tricky part: filling the egg with soil without breaking it.) To keep the egg from tipping over, I’d set it in a small terra cotta saucer filled with sand. I estimate I could make three egg planters for under a buck. Oh sure, I might not be able to re-use the eggs, but no biggie. There’s generally always eggs in the refrigerator. And if not, I know where to get more.