How To Free a Stuck Garbage Disposal.

Our garbage disposal jams at least three or four times a month…partially because my wife tries to overextend it, and partially because it sucks. So last time, I ask the maintance man to show me how to do fix it so they wouldn't have to come so often. He refused, citing some legal ramifications. So I told him no thanks, and that I'd just figure it out myself.

So, I did.

    Kitchen Tongs
    1/4” Allen wrench (hex key)

 1. First, use the flashlight to peer inside the disposal, and see if there are any large objects  that might be lodged.
2. If unsuccessful, turn off the power to your kitchen at the fuse box. Slide under the disposal, and locate the hole in the center of the underside of the disposal. Insert a 1/4” Allen wrench into the hole, and rotate it in both directions. It will become unstuck, and eventually, you’ll be able to turn it in both directions.

3. Now, use the flashlight and tongs to remove the dislodged yuckiness and dispose.
4. Turn the power back on, and press the reset button on the bottom of the disposal, if you have one.
5. Turn on the water to flush, and then run the disposal for 5-10 seconds.

** Remember, most anything that can be disposed can also be composted.

Now, do a round of this and rid yourself of the leftover scent.


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