15 Household Uses for Table Salt.

“Thousands of years ago salt was a valuable commodity and was used in place of money. Salt was given to the parents of the groom until the 8th century and by the 12th century it was sold for it's weight in gold. Salt has been used for many things through the years and in many ways but in our day we know it mostly for it's ability to enhance the flavor of our food.”

  • Discern a fresh egg.
  • Discourage ants
  • Cooking apples
  • Color pantyhose
  • Clean oven messes
  • Prevent food discoloration
  • Shelling nuts
  • Cleaning faux flowers
  • Quicken water boiling
  • Prevent windows from frosting
  • Prevent cheese from molding
  • Keep cut flowers fresher
  • Prevent worms in the garden
  • Care for mouth sores   

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(Salt Shaker photo from Tata.com)