White or Silver Christmas Tree?

Well, the Curbly holiday posts have officially begun, so thought I may as well solicit the ideas of the Curbly geniuses before the pre-Holiday sales are over

The blue-spruce-alike Christmas tree and cutesy country ornaments and tree skirt I inherited from my family totally clash with my wish-it-was-space-age-modernism decor in our living room. And I love Christmas…I mean love Christmas, so it's pretty problematic, as our tree is up ASAP, and will remain so until mid-January.

So, this year = new tree. And I think I'm gonna go all out and get a not-green one.


We haven't decided between white or silver. White seems less offensive, but not as intentional. Silver may be overwhelming… I think white would have a tendency to look more one-dimensional and plastic: there's no variation in color or depth, as in a real tree. But silver may be too intense with lights (which is a must).

I know I won't be able to find one of those stylized aluminum trees from the 50s and 60s for an affordable price. So, would a “tree” shaped silver tree be overwhelming?

I think an ideal choice would be both silver and white needles on the same branches. Ever see one? A white tree with silver decorations might accomplish the same goal.

I'm all ears.