Boat + Bed = The Float Bed

Designer and seafarer David Trubridge has combined his interest in sailing with furniture design in a very interesting way. When undertaking what became ‘Float’, Trubridge asked people what sleep meant to them personally. The answers he heard included ‘floating, cosy, romantic, rocking, trusting’. He also threw in his own experience with sleep, which he interpreted as a voyage ‘through dreams when we wholly give ourselves up in trust, lying curled up in our bed vessel feeling save and cosy.’ Yeah, he’s a romantic.

‘Float’ is made of sustainable, New Zealand water resistant Totara. The fabric that encloses the base and canopy is an acrylic fabric finished in Teflon. All in all, it’s been constructed for indoor and outdoor use. I haven’t seen any pictures of it actually floating, but we can assume it does. For more information about David Trubridge and his designs, visit his website. (From designmobel, for, I’ve heard rumor, $20K, and that includes the mattress!)