Say “I Love You” with bleeding heart cupcakes.

Anatomical hearts are indeed the rage this V-Day, and nothing captures the sentimental irony better than these Bleeding Heart Cupcakes. Make a batch, and really share your heart, oozing and all, with loved ones.




20 glass marbles or small balls of tinfoil
1 recipe batter for white cupcakes
2 to 3 cups strawberry jelly or smooth strawberry jam
1 recipe vanilla butter cream frosting
Red and blue food coloring
Pastry bag and medium round tip (optional)


1. Line cupcake tins with paper liners. Fill the liners two-thirds full with the batter. Place 1 marble or tinfoil ball between each liner and the tin. This will make a dent in your cupcake when it bakes to make it heart-shaped. Bake the cupcakes as directed in the recipe. If you are using marbles, be careful when removing the cupcakes from the tins because the marbles will be very hot.

2. With a small paring knife, cut out a circle about the size of a dime in the center of each cupcake, going about two thirds of the way in. Pull the little plug of cake out. Cut off the top of this piece (about 1/2 inch thick) and eat or discard the bottom. Use a teaspoon or a squeeze bottle to fill the hole partway with the strawberry jelly “blood.” Put the little cake plug back in. Continue with the rest of the hearts.

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