Cheap Christmas Decorating: Gift Wrapped Door

Although we don’t see it often up in the northland–probably because of the snowstorms and such–I’ve heard down south it’s quite popular to gift wrap your front door for the holidays.

A novice at door-wrapping, I consulted the experts. Here’s a blow by blow to get the job done.

Supplies Needed

The same stuff you’d use to wrap a present, only more of them. Although, the instructions I found made a point of stating that it’s important to make sure your wrapping paper is wider than your door. Can you say, “Duh?”

Steps Taken

Tape the paper to the top of the door, roll it down, tapping to the sides of the door as you go. The obvious point is made that the tape and edges of the paper should not be visible from the front of the door.

Cut the paper at the bottom but leave enough to tape under the door.

Do we really need steps to tell us how to do this?

Anyway, attach a ribbon to the door in a + shape so it looks like a present. Add a big bow.

If you really get into it, they suggest slapping a large “gift tag” stating “Merry Christmas from: insert your name here” on the door to complete the effect.

For the Less is More Crowd

How about skipping the paper and just use the bow?

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