25 Money-Saving Kitchen Tips.

The Urban Vegan offers some excellent ideas to save money and prevent food waste. The tips are intended for vegans, so that means that they can apply to everyone…unless you manage to survive on nothing but meat.

1. Bake your own bread.
2. Freeze your assets.
3. Cook beans from scratch and freeze them in ziplock bags.
4. Consider the long-term financial implications of organic.
5. Make your own faux meats.
6. Pack your own lunch.
7. Don’t buy what you already have.
8. Remember: packaged foods are still cheaper than eating out.
9. Pass on plastic bottles of water.
10. Use cloth napkins.
11. Know how much stuff costs.
12. Stock up during sales
13. Buy seasonal produce.
14. Grow your own.
15. Make the time-consuming stuff.
16. Borrow your cookbooks from the library instead of buying them.
17. Ethnic grocery stores are your friends.
18. Never, ever throw food away.
19. Before you go grocery shopping–make a list. Set a budget. And stick to it.
20. Some appliances are investments, not extravagances.
21. You can can.
22. Give edible gifts.
23. Pay less for kitchen wares.
24. Put a lid on it.
25. Remember this old New England adage: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do, or do without.”