How To: Twelve Steps to Create a Sleep Haven.


Ahh…sleep. Everyone loves it, needs it, and could do it more effectively. These twelve tips – mostly free, but including a couple of new purchases – can help you be rested and create the perfect sleep haven.

1. Buy a new mattress.
2. Bask in comfort: Buy silky, natural tree-fiber sheets in a soothing color.
3. A quick spritz of soothing lavendar water on your pillows helps calm your exhausted mind.
4. Chill Before Bed and lower your room’s temperature.
5. Soak in the tub.
6. Schedule a Massage.
7. Get Mean: if others (spouses or pets) disturb your sleep, move them or get them help.
8. Shut the Drapes.
9. Ditch the Night-Lights, and make it dark.
10. Pull on Socks.*
11. Ignore the clock. Turn your clock’s face or digital readout away so you can’t see it.
12. Sleep Naked or in sparse clothing

Via. Photo by Lilo Raymond; from allposters.


* I don’t think I can endorse this one.