20 Ways to Boost Your Curb-ly Appeal

BHG has a list of 20 great ways to boost your curb appeal. They’ve even catagorized them into projects that can be accomplished in a day, week or even month.

In a day:

  1. Create a symmetrical entryway by adding sidelights and containers filled with flowers.
  2. Replace old hardware like house numbers and lockset.
  3. Punch up your front door with a fresh coat of colorful paint and polish the door fixtures.
  4. Replace your mailbox or dress up the one you already have with a new coat of stain or paint to match the color of your house.
  5. Install outdoor lighting, either low voltage or solar.
  6. Add container gardens.
  7. Refurbish planting beds by pruning, weeding, planting and adding new mulch.
  8. Install window boxes.

In a weekend:

  1. Draw attention to your entryway by adding molding.
  2. Install outdoor art like sculptures, fountains, birdbaths and even wind chimes.
  3. Add shutters or accent trim around windows.
  4. Install an arbor, fence panels and a garden gate.
  5. Make a new planting bed to add color and contrast. Good spots are along driveways, walkways and right in front of the house.
  6. Replace gutters and down spouts if needed.

In a month:

  1. Tile your doorstep to create a permanent welcome mat.
  2. Fix up your driveway by filling cracks (killing the weeds that are growing out of them first!), clean its surface and then. If you have a concrete drive, you might even want to consider staining it.
  3. Build a walkway or apply a concrete resurfacer to add color. Edge it with brick or stone borders.
  4. Upgrade porch and deck railings.
  5. Give your house an exterior facelift with a paint job.
  6. Apply a stone veneer to exposed concrete foundations or column footings.

To review the entire list accompanied with pictures illustrating each idea, visit BHG.