6 Ways to Sex Up Your Bedroom

Dirty laundry is not sexy. Neither are stuffed animals. To bring sexy back to the bedroom, you might want to considered taking these suggestions into consideration.

   1. De-clutter. Bedrooms can become a dumping ground for newspapers, magazines, kids toys, you name it. Get rid of all that extraneous non-bedroom stuff that’s laying on the floor and bedside tables. And if you have an unused piece of exercise equipment in there, it might be time to let it go.

   2. Turn off the overhead light; it flatters noone. Instead, get a lamp or two; use no more than 60 watt bulbs in them. To enhance skin tones, you might want to use pink-tinted bulbs.

   3. De-stink-a-fy. Get rid of the dirty laundry; wash the bedding. Buy a candle or two.

   4. Pick a soundtrack. Television theme songs don’t set the mood; the right kind of music does. Turn off the t.v. or even remove it from the bedroom and replace it with a small stereo.

   5. Kick the cuddlies. Boo-Boo kitty might be great to cuddle on a chilly night, but to set the mood, Boo-Boo really has to go-go.

   6. Add reflection. Mirrors are notoriously sexy. Adding one discreetly to the bedroom lends a little sparkle and thrill.

   7. And a bonus suggestion just for me: put Johnny Depp between the sheets.

created on: 05/22/08

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