How to Properly Fold a Fitted Sheet

Okay, I’ll admit it. My folded fitted sheets look more like rectangularly shaped pillows rather than neat squares. Here’s a 4 stage method to help me make folding these confounding pocketed contraptions do-able, which will also make my linen closet look more orderly. The steps, according to BHG, go something like this:

“1. Folding fitted sheets works best on a flat surface, such as a table or bed. Lay the sheet right side down, elasticized corners facing up. Neatly turn in corners and edges so they’re straight. Grab the right top corner, flip it inside out, pull it toward you, and tuck it inside the bottom right corner. Now tuck the top left corner into the bottom left corner. At this point, the sheet is folded crosswise, with the top half of the sheet folded into the bottom half.

2. At each layered corner, place a hand beneath the diagonal fold to flatten and smooth.

3. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise so the layered corners are on top of each other. Tuck so that three of the corners fit into one. Smooth edges.

4. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise again, then fold crosswise. (Instead of folding crosswise, you could fold into thirds.)”

For complete illustrations, visit BHG.