12 Cool Things to do with Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can be seen stacked up outside of almost every commercial building in America and according to Life Hackery, 150 million of them will eventually end up in a landfill somewhere. Although oftentimes the wood pallets are made of isn’t great, sometimes it is. MWT’s place of business uses pallets made of oak, and according to a poster at Life Hackery, tile shops oftentimes receive their overseas shipments on pallets made of exotic hardwoods. Many businesses do recycle their pallets, but many are happy to give them away as well. And once you have some in your hot little hands, here’s 12 very clever things you can do with them.

1. Make a pallet fence.
2. Build a storage/garden shed.
3. Fabricate a rustic bird house.
4. Manufacture an emergency shelter.
5. Put together a compost bin.
6. Fashion some pallet planters.
7. Erect a chicken coop.
8. Burn them for firewood.
9. Create one-of-a-kind art.
10. Construct a table or two for your home.
11. Assemble an inexpensive computer desk.
12. Keep them as is and use them to elevate outdoor plants and firewood.

For links to each project using pallets, visit Life Hackery.