More Ways to Recycle Your Old Jeans

A while back Chris posted links to some great denim recycling projects. Now, thanks to Life Hackery, here’re even more ways to prolong the lives of those beloved blue jeans.

  • Turn the legs into door draft-stoppers.
  • Turn the legs into heating pads.
  • Cut the material into strips and use it to weave, knit or crochet something. LH suggests a throw rug, but my pick would be this denim bag.
  • Use jean pockets to make a hanging organizer.
  • Cut the legs off, sew up the leg openings and use the top part to make a ‘butt’ close pin holder.
  • Use the good fabric of old jeans to repair and patch newer jeans.
  • Make quilted pot holders.
  • Stuff an old pair to make the bottom half of a scarecrow–great for a Halloween decoration too.
  • Make a coffee cup cozy.
  • Make an gadget protector.

  • Sew some doggie toys.
  • Replace your red Christmas stocking with a cool denim one.
  • Turn the back pockets into a photo frame.
  • Make a craft bucket.
  • Sew together a bunch of ‘legs’ and make a slipcover for a chair or sofa.
  • Send your jeans off to be made into a new pair of sandals.
  • Contact your local Habitat for Humanity for information about donating old jeans so they can be turned into home insulation.

For additional links to how-to instructions, visit Life Hackery.

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