DIY Frosted Glass

No hard boiled detective worth his salt is without a frosted glass door declaring his name and profession.

Like this:

created on: 08/14/08

Here’s a recipe for making your own door frosting. Trilby, Trench Coat and Maltese Falcon are optional.


  • object for frosting (cabinet with glass doors, mirror, hurricane globe, glass clip frames, door with glass inlay, etc.)
  • glass cleaner
  • razor blade
  • painter’s tape
  • stencils
  • stencil brushes
  • acrylic spray polyurethane
  • frosting formula: wallpaper paste, white powdered paint pigment, water, PVA glue (acid free)

Find full instructions over at HGTV.

Wondering what else you could do to your door? If I was doing
this to an internal door, say to the library or media room (in my
fantasy house) I might stencil something like this:

created on: 08/14/08

(images from here and here)