How-to: Plotting the Knotty Pine Demise

created on: 08/31/08

I did it! A brain dump of everything necessary to complete this project in the most efficient and successful manner gave way to a tidy little To Do list.  This morning I did my research on paint sprayer rental vs. paint sprayer purchase and the decision to purchase won.  The promise of a $50.00 rebate on a $199.00 sprayer enticed me to buy instead of borrow.  I may bemoan this decision, but I knew I would have to rent a sprayer for at least two days @ $66.00 per day.  If this thing works well, I can paint all sorts of things including hundreds of yards of trashy looking peeling painted fence. 

Heres my To-Do List:

1. Clear out room

2. Wash down walls with TSP

3. Take off light plates and outlet plates and tape to cover

4.  Add a tape along the baseboard between the carpet and baseboard.  I want the baseboard to get sprayed

5.  Put drop cloth on carpet right next to first section I’m going to spray

6.  Set up sprayer with water available to dilute primer

7.  Sprayer holds 2 gallons of paint, I will start with 1 gallon to get the hang of it.

I’ll be back with a post and photos of the cleared, taped and ready to prime victim