DIY PhotoPumpkin Carving Techniques.

I remember the first halloween that ‘art’ pumpkin carving books became widely available…everyone in my neighborhood carved the same three patterns…witch-on-a-broom profile, three ghosts with boo, or cutesy scarecrow face. So, while they weren’t the old triangle-eyes and toothy smiles of yesteryear, the variety was as hollow as the pumpkins themselves.

Certainly, modern books have improved on the patterns, but sometimes, you just need a customized piece…sometimes a really customized piece, like the face of your sworn enemy that you’ll carve into a pumpkin and then stab it with a knife, set it on fire, and then leave it on his doorstep. Or perhaps just a custom Dwight-o-lantern. Either way, here’s two tutorials for creating customized and translatable artwork.

Instructables: Phot-o-Lantern by Calnunable.

Scary Photo Pumpkins at Photojojo.