How to turn an old crib spring into an office organizer.

Maybe you have an old crib collecting dust, or maybe you see them all the time at tag sales. Whichever, this is a great way to give them new purpose: Turn them into office organizers.

To get your project started you’ll need:
an old crib spring
a metal saw
1″ x 2″ (These are needed if you are going to make your own frame, however, you could just as easily get your hands on an old, flat wooden frame and use that instead.)
eye hooks
wire cutter

According to Country Home, you’ll then need to “Cut two sides of the spring with a metal saw to desired size (we matched the proportion of the table below). Next, screw the original top and bottom of the spring to 1×2s (cut to fit.) Drill two holes in each 1×2 and screw in eye-hooks (we added a washer between the wood and hook, but it’s purely decorative). Wrap the loose wires around the hooks until tight. Clip the excess spring with a wire cutter.”