Wrapping Paper and Bow Conservation

Running out of wrapping paper and bows and need more FAST? I saw this on Martha yesterday and put the Curbly spin to it.



What little wrapping paper you have left



Martha’s Wrap

Wrap your present in newsprint. I like the stock quotes as they make a nice, uniform background.

Cut a strip of wrapping paper to circumference the present, fold in edges, wrap around package, tape strip together in back of present.

Maven’s Bow

Cut one square each of wrapping paper and newsprint. I’ve included a template below to get you started. But if you want a smaller bow, cut smaller squares. Larger bows will make larger squares.

Sandwich squares together, pretty sides out. A little double-sided, or looped tape will help keep them together.

Cut diagonal lines at indicated, stopping at the dots at end of cut lines.

Fold points identified with asterisks to center circle. Tape points down as you go.

Apply “pin-wheel” bow to package.

Oh, and have a happy holiday!!